Chris Ramsay Video !?!?!

Welcome New Turtle Trippers!

We were happily overwhelmed with the popularity our Slammed Car release! All thirty puzzles sold out in under a minute. Thanks again to Pluredro for allowing Bayou Puzzles to 3D print this prize-winning puzzle. Stay turned for future releases of Slammed Car. 

In Trippy Turtle News, we were totally surprised and excited to see Turtle Trip featured on Chris Ramsay’s YouTube channel. Ramsay said the instructions alone were “the most intriguing instructions I’ve ever read.” Sorry/not sorry for driving you crazy, Chris. We all know that the party pants were worth it. 

If you are here looking for a Turtle Trip puzzle of your own, Bayou Puzzles’ original, 3D printed sequential discovery puzzle will be listing stock today for copies currently in production. These puzzles will ship on or before June 15th.